“Enterprises Voices”: Building agents of change


BiblioSEO shows a different way of experiencing reading and the use of technologies to library participants, empowering them through solidarity and actions that lead to social change in their communities. This initiative was founded in 2009 in the mountainous region of Ciudad Bolívar, south of Colombia’s capital, specifically in the Quiba Guabal neighborhood, where 80 families live. These families have lived through forced displacement and unemployment, and as it is a rural territory, some people are animal herders and others farm products such as potatoes, lettuce and carrots. Most live on a minimum monthly wage or less.


Children, adolescents and young adults in the Quiba Guabal neighborhood do not have access to areas for learning, where they can develop skills that go beyond the strictly educational. They also lack spaces that give them the opportunity to explore and discover that they can change their environment and engage in their own life opportunities. Children, adolescents and young adults can be agents of change in their own lives, their families and their communities. Given the lack of alternative educational tools and the lack of parental involvement in the learning process, it is easy to repeat the patterns of violence such as drug addiction, drug trafficking, gangs, teen pregnancies, domestic and gender-based violence, etc.


The project works to support children, adolescents and young adults who attend BiblioSEO, and promote individual and social leadership skills as a result of an inclusive training process, strengthening their capabilities as social leaders and entrepreneurs.


33 children and adolescents between 8 and 17 years old.

volunteers involved