Play, learn and talk with the children of Haiti


-The purpose of the project “Play, Learn and Talk” is to institutionally strengthen the San Carlos Borromeo School, located in one of the most vulnerable areas of Port-Au-Prince. Since 2011, we have been working side by side to develop an educational project, increase teacher training and raise awareness about special treatment for children.


The classrooms of the San Carlos Borromeo School receive children in high social risk. During their formative years, they were subjected to teaching methods based on authority and punishment. They are traditionally positioned as passive subjects of their own development. The scarce educational resources available for the teaching staff do not let them implement any other type of teaching. Conflicts with the administration and poor participation from parents and guardians end up creating a school environment characterized by problems of coexistence.


We work to institutionally strengthen the school, to improve teaching processes for the children enrolled. We work directly with teachers, administration, students and their parents and guardians. Together, we develop workshops and group activities, as well as one-on-one support in many educational areas and inclusion of innovative methodologies in both learning and discipline.


Through this project, 723 children and 38 educators benefit.

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