Strengthening occupational skills in Ayaviri


Ayaviri, a province located in the High Andean Plains, is a livestock-breeding community and is considered one of Peru’s low-income areas. The quality of education in the area is poor, which is exacerbated by the presence of professionals with minimal knowledge of educational techniques, coupled with an emotional abandonment of children by their parents. Our regional partner is Prelatura de Ayaviri.


The quality of education in the area is poor, in terms of academic achievement, educational resources for teachers, and poor performance on achievement tests. There is an absence of new strategies for improving school life, which is exacerbated by teachers with little knowledge of techniques to support the educational process, and parents and guardians who have minimal involvement in the educational process.


Our aim is to strengthen skills for improving educational administration, in order to increase learning indicators, improve school life and give students a more protagonist role in all aspects of school, through the development of consulting and training strategies and participation and generation of local networks that involve children, teens, families, guardians and teachers.


The project will have 370 direct beneficiaries, including students from the San Francisco de Asís School and children from the Ayaviri Parish Library.

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