“Connecting Stories”: Strengthening intergenerational bonds around education


Fundación Alfonso Casas Morales para la Promoción Humana (Alfonso Casas Morales Foundation for Human Promotion, FPH) is a nonprofit entity created in 1984 in response to the need for a commitment to service and collaboration in solving social problems in the neighborhood surrounding the Gimnasio Campestre school. Today, the foundation works to promote human dignity and social transformation from a humanist perspective, where the individual is valued as a unique and irreplaceable being, a holder of special capabilities and potential virtues. The foundation is located in an at-risk sector of northern Bogota in the Santa Cecilia and Cerro Norte neighborhoods.


The district schools in the area approach learning for children, adolescents and young adults as a purely academic process, ignoring that humans are multidimensional, as is their learning process. The social environment for children and adolescents in the FPH sphere of influence (in social and family terms) is characterized by its lack of access to necessary life tools and skills. This can easily end up limiting their future opportunities and preventing the construction of a solid and sustainable life project.


The project seeks to promote participative processes for FPH beneficiary children, adolescents, youth, senior citizens and families in their comprehensive educational process, and strengthen connections in a personal, institutional and family sphere. This will enable them to recognize their social context, empower themselves as social actors and strengthen intergenerational relationships to limit the growth of a spiral of violence.


60 children, adolescents and young adults.

68 senior citizens.

100 families.

volunteers involved