Empowering youth living a cultural transition

Estados Unidos

The Tutoring Program serves as a necessary reinforcement to the academic opportunities provided. African American and Latino students are the primary beneficiaries of the Tutoring Program, seeking to overcome the disproportionately high drop out rates among their demographic (40% among Latinos and African Americans in Washington, DC). The Program is supported by Georgetown University students, who serve as personal tutors and mentors.


The majority of existing educational centers do not specialize in teen academic support, creating a great need. It is in this context that the idea to collaborate with Georgetown students was born. They serve as not only academic tutors, but also as role models.


While my work as a coordinator for the Tutoring Program is varied, there are three strategic areas in which we have focused out efforts:

a. Partnerships: To continue and improve our relationship with Georgetown University while maintaining associations with the academic centers where our beneficiaries attend class
b. Logistics: To design and execute a tutoring plan that could be beneficial to both tutors and students as a way for them to complete their academic goals each session
c. Evaluation: To update standards and identify potential areas of improvement as signified by tutors, students, and project supervisors in a constant process of formalized feedback and surveys


Approximately 30 teens attend each tutoring session, the majority of whom are Latinos, African Americans, and Africans. Their needs are primarily in school and language reinforcement.

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