Watching out for each other: educational support for children in Guayaquil


Hazardous child labor is a daily reality that threatens the development of children and teens across the continent. In Guayaquil, Ecuador, we work with JUCONI to provide them and their families with more educational skills to improve their quality of life. Our regional partner in this project is JUCONI.


Children and youth who engage in hazardous child labor are exposed daily to situations that may violate their fundamental rights. The amount of hours that they are away from their homes prevents them from entering the educational system, and those who do are more likely to drop out due to absenteeism and fatigue. Without the right diagnoses and tools, this can even aggravate cognitive problems that will hold them back in their educational development.


América Solidaria’s volunteer professionals are working with JUCONI to develop educational tools for child and youth laborers and their families. Through personalized activities and strategies, we work with the community to help these children progressively abandon these activities that can abate their quality of life and holistic development.


Through this project, we work with 15 children in hazardous working situations and their families, as well as 20 JUCONI monitors. This project will also subsequently benefit 135 children and youth in hazardous working situations who are not in this pilot project.

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