Consolidating psychosocial care in Social Programs Agustino


We offer a comprehensive program that includes psychological and social intervention for children, teens and young people, together with their families, to help them acquire the necessary skills for conflict resolution and to progressively improve their quality of life and strengthen family ties. Our regional partner is Encuentros SJS.


In El Agustino, the lack of specialized systematic intervention to reduce risk factors in children, teens, youth and their families leads to the reproduction of social behaviors such as stigmatization, vulnerability and poverty that are associated with many people in this area. Social Programs in El Agustino currently do not offer their beneficiaries a psychosocial educational characterization.


This project complements and forms alliances with other social initiatives in El Agustino, such as: Las Casitas, Social Athletic School and Martin Luther King (MLK) Alternative School. Our participation will be on both an individual and collective level. On an individual level, we will work with the most complex cases in terms of social risk, guaranteeing records and procedures for the intervention in the most relevant cases, and capacity building for ongoing mediation. The project considers the design of strategies and tools to improve the quality of the programs’ interventions. We aim to provide tools for addressing different situations currently affecting the psycho-emotional well-being of children and teens, to enable them to better address the multiple risk factors around them and improve their conflict resolution skills. This involves workshops, working meetings, discussion groups, etc.


This project will provide support across the board to already existing programs, benefiting 589 children, 60 teens, 100 youth, 200 parents and guardians and 30 educators.

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