“Helping to Help”: Working together for food security


Fundación Banco Arquidiocesano de Alimentos de Bogotá (Bogota Archdiocese Food Bank Foundation) was founded in 2001 to improved food security and nutrition for the most at-risk population in Colombia’s capital city, especially nursing mothers, children, youth and the elderly. The Food Bank receives food and supplies from companies, shops, industries, farmers and individuals. The Food Bank focuses on sorting, storing and distributing food responsibly, efficiently and equitably, guaranteeing that the products reach social organizations that work with the at-risk community.


Many organizations who work with at-risk communities lack access to food. This generates poor dietary habits and in extreme cases, malnutrition.


We train and implement strategies to improve availability, efficiency and access to food in each organization that works with the Food Bank, in order to cultivate better nutritional habits and quality of life.


25 social organizations that work with the Food Bank.

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