Learning to be better teachers for children in Bolivia


The Bolivian plateau is home to the Yachay Wasi, houses of learning that are also children’s boarding schools. In these centers the abilities of the children from the communities of Rodeo and Tiraque are strengthened. We are part of this project, strengthening the abilities of their educators, who in turn will deliver better tools to the children, giving them greater and better opportunities. Our local partner is: Fe y Alegría


There are many challenges in education, including the access to technology, which has transformed the social and cultural reality of  today’s learning environment. These technologies have created an overload of work and left little time for reflection for educators. This change has decreased students’ output and increased conflicts in the classroom. Therefore, more training for students, teachers, and the community is required in confronting these changes.


With the help of a volunteer professional, we are looking for educators that have a fundamental role in the children’s development process in Rodeo and Tiraque. We have worked directly with teachers through workshops and the creation of spaces where they can reflect on their work. This project has also made use of resources and tools needed when handling particular psychological cases.



In Tiraque and Rodeo, most of the community is made up of farmers who mainly cultivate wheat and potatoes, and take care of their livestock. Unfortunately, many of these people in Rodeo have been forced to look elsewhere for better opportunities. There are close to 90 children and six teachers who have benefitted from the improvements in Yachay Wasis.


volunteers involved